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The Repeat.

Memories of Dan Bailey and BKG standing in a Garage Gym for the Announcement, presuming they might be able to finish 16.2. About 20 minutes later Bailey finished, BKG came off 2 reps shy. Bailey then had to realize, after celebrating finishing the workout, that his judge miscounted his reps. Later that week BKG was able to finish in 18:50, Bailey’s repeat was not as successful: He finished with one missing rep. While at first the majority of fans doubted, that the workout could be finished, they were proven wrong by 34 men with a top time of 16:54 and 61 women with a top time of 15:07.

Playing around with the splits of Ben Smith:

Ben Smith Split Times
Ben Smith Graph

and compare them to Rich Froning:

Rich Froning Split Times
Rich Froning Graph

Rich started way too fast. He must’ve been sure to be able to stick to his pace. He couldn’t, though. While Smith stuck to the same split of T2B all the way, Fronings average T2B became slower and slower. Smith was even more consistent on the DU. The crucial advantage Smith had over Froning was saved energy over the first four rounds and then being able to go hard in round five.

What does that mean for 19.2?

Finishing will still be hurdle to separate the boys from the men, but also not be the biggest goal to accomplish as we’ll propably see more than 150 men and more than 200 women finish 19.2.

For the top tier athletes this will be about intelligent splits on the T2B, saving energy and not waste any seconds on the DoubleUnders, whilst the Cleans will diminish their pace for the next round. 

As most of you won’t consider yourself top 20 world-wide: As in basically every workout the same things count for the everybody including the top athletes:

Split your T2B wisely, prevent burning out on the DoubleUnders and rest appropriately as you face the barbell.

19.2 is a tough task for every type of athlete. Gymnasty athletes who are strong on the barbell but with bad endurance will be punched in the face by loads of lactic acid. Lacking consistency in the T2B or on the Cleans will of course kill a good result, too. Only the ones that practiced Low Skill High Rep Gymnastics Movements in combination with Monostructual Elements and a heavy barbell will succeed… Oh, wait… In how many of our Tuesday’s EMOMs and Saturday Sensations did we practice just that? If you followed us through our Open Prep: You are as ready for 19.2 as you can be.

There will be two types of athletes approaching this workout:

Type 1 – You know that you could finish. 142 / 93 kg is heavy, but you consider yourself capable of cleaning that bar 7 times. You will have to cruise through the first 3 rounds with full control and the handbrake on. Round 4 will set the base for success. Bang out 9 reps with 124 / 79kg too fast and you set yourself up for a catastrophy in round five. Stay composed and show control again and you might reduce the risk to fail the last load and finish this one.

Type 2 – You know, that either the T2B or the Cleans, maybe even the Jumprope might hold you back. Plan your biggest weakness wisely. If your T2B suck: Start with single reps, but do them quickly and disciplined. If it’s the load of the barbell: You need to know how long you have to rest to attempt a certain weight. What I told Type 1 to do in rounds 4&5 will count earlier for you: Stay composed and in control of what you are doing and you set yourself up for success. If DU are holding you back: This will be a practice session, brother. 😉

Last weeks workout was head off, quads on. This week will be depending on your game planning for sure, plus your midline will be taxed brutally as you first fatigue your midline and stamina and then have to move a heavy bar. To prepare optimally for this one, we’ll start to breath the right way, then get the blood flowing but already throw in some midline activation, as this will be the main focus of this workout.


Breathing right will much needed, especially as soon as you approach a heavy bar after crushing your midline with lots of T2B and increasing your heartrate with DoubleUnders. This is why I want you to go for

30 breaths of “Crocodile Breathing”

Lie flat on your stomach, place your forehead face down on your hands. Make sure to breath into your belly, not into your chest. As you inhale you should have the feeling of breathing into the floor and your diaphragm should widen to the sides right below your ribcage. Inhale for 4-6 seconds, hold your breath for 2-4 seconds, exhale for 3-7 seconds, hold for 1-3 seconds.

Go for the mobility exercises you need for your workout and prep your ankles, calves, quads, hips, upper back and shoulders in no more than 15 minutes.

Then get the blood flowing and activate your midline. This could look like the following:

3 Rounds

  • 250 m easy Rowstart with 3-5 strokes sprint
  • 30″ Hollow Hold

3′ Rest’

3 Rounds

  • 25 DoubleUnders
  • 15 HollowRocks

Now ramp up your Squat Clean to the second to last load, that you might hit in the workout. Going heavier will not be needed, as you will do too many reps prior to those last heavy reps!

Rest for at least five minutes and then: GO!

GOOD LUCK! This is going to be a party!

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