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19.3 finally brings some High Skill Gymnastics.

What I think

Strict HandstandPushups first sorted out Regional Athletes in 2014 in a workout with 54 reps. While until a few years ago it was the Ring Muscle Up to be the Gamechanger during the Open, it today becomes the strict HSPU with the traditional Regionals Standard.

Read and watch the standards thoroughly. Especially this year’s standard for the HSPU is anti beautiful gymnasty form of movement and pro just get the work done and I will not further comment what I think about it as it is not something within my control. I also think that this is how you should handle things like that. As soon as one of us is designing an Open Workout and is involved in the process of creating and publishing standards: This will be the time to talk about that. Or maybe with a few beers after a seasons peak competition, when it’s not a waste of focus anymore. Enough said to that, I guess!

As we are looking for top performances: Here is how my estimated top times of each increment of the workout might look like. That also gives us a clue on definitely going unbroken on the Lunges and Box StepUps and then go for maximum three sets on the HSPU. As I was right in the first two weeks, I am damn sure, that there will be some crazy dudes out there to finish in this timeframe. And yes: I think, that there will be women finishing this fast, too!

The ideal scenario

Lunges shouldn’t take longer than 1:40-1:50. Going into the StepUps right away and finishing those within 2:30-2:50, you’ll start your HSPU between 4:10 and 4:40 on the clock. Make sure to prevent your shoulders from burning out too early by switching the Dumbbell from hand to hand on the Lunges every two to four lanes and placing it on your shoulder throughout the StepUps.

From then on it’s all about your Handstand PushUp Game and how much you practiced your Hollow Holds, Shoulder Taps, controlled negatives and other basic gymnastics stuff. Shameless plug: We regularly program this. It’s not fancy and it’s not fun, but it’s the most efficient way to become stronger and finally be able to conquer a workout like this one. If you have any questions regarding this topic: Ask Kevin Winkens and Lazar Dukic. Both athletes perform on a high level. One uses to practice the „simple stuff“ since four years with me and kills most gymnastics workouts, while the other one started to focus on the basics just a few months ago and made huge improvements, especially with his strict and high skill gymnastics work! – If you did all that and are a real Ninja, you will finish your HSPU in 1:10-1:25 and start your Handstand Walk at the 5:20- to 6:00-mark.

Your shoulders will definitely be smoked after those HSPU but you are still able to finish the walk in around two minutes. This is how you get a top time between 7:20 and 8:00 minutes.

Movement Cues

If you do not consider yourself anywhere near these splits – This will be your approach:


As this one seems to be „all shoulders“, please do not make the mistake and underestimate, what these Lunges also do to your glutes, midline and quads. Start pacing from the beginning and switch arms regularly, maybe even rest a few seconds after each lane.

Box StepUps

Keep moving. There is no need to rest. If you want to get the most of it: Switch your feet on top of the box, step down with the other leg, take a short step back with the second leg that comes off the box and step back a little with that same second leg to gain some momentum for the next stepup as you’re starting to fatigue. This will be the most efficient, yet not quickest way. But as this workout is won on the HSPU, it won’t matter to waste maximum ten seconds though this approach for the BSU.

Handstand PushUps

Know. Your. Capabilities. If your Max Effort set is around 10 reps you should probably never do a bigger set than three or four reps. Be an idiot and try more reps than that and I promise you: You will hit a wall. Stay disciplined. Go for sets that you can handle from the beginning with no longer rest than 15 seconds and you might be able to finish these disgusting 50 reps. If you never worked with this standard for HSPU: Practice it before the start. Know where to place your hands and also be aware, that changing hand positions could be relevant as fatigue kicks in to squeeze out your last reps.

Handstand Walk

If you make it to here: Congratulations. Now give it all you got. If you are capable of finishing those 50 HSPU in this workout with more than 20 seconds on the clock and then are not able to walk at least 1,52m on your hands: Please give me a call. You are having some serious issues and I feel the urgent need to help you!


Preparing for this one definitely means: Get your shoulders ready.

After taking maximum 15 minutes for basic mobility drills with Lacrosse balls and stretches to get the most out of your ROM, start moving.

With the following complexes, your shoulders will move through all possible angles and variations. Also your midline should be able to stabilize the DB overhead on the Lunges and prevent your lower back from overextending on the HSPU. Start with a kettlebell and then use a dumbbell. Go relatively slow and light in round one and maybe take the workout weight in the last round.

Go for three rounds of:

  • 250 m Row with the first 5 strokes as a sprint
  • a complex of:
    • Back2Wall-ArmRaises (overhead)
    • Back2Wall-ArmRaises (bent)
    • Back2Wall-ArmRaises (straight)
  • A complex of:
    • TGU up
    • Windmills
    • TGU down
    • TGU up
    • OverheadLunges
    • TGU down
  • Complex of:
    • 20″ Hollow Hold
    • 20″ Lie down flat
    • 20 HollowRocks

Play around with the movements of the workout for five to ten minutes to get a feeling of how to approach your sets.

Rest for at least 5 minutes prior to your start, then ENJOY!

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