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It’s here. The major suckfest.

19.5 is like revenge of the short athletes for 19.1. This is the point, where all the opinionated physicists have to give up, because while the power output is still the same for everybody and everybody still does the same work: short athletes travel way less distance on both movements. Wallballs just burst this spectrum, as their distance is predefined.

I know, that we did double Fran quiet some time ago. This one is different. This one is Fran * 2,3333. 105 Thrusters and 105 Pullups.

Breaking down the performance of Mat Fraser and Tia Toomey

Here we have the split times of Mat

And here is Tia’s performance breakdown

Fraser broke his sets once until the round of 15 Thrusters and went unbroken through all sets, starting with 15 C2B Pullups. Toomey tried to go similar and stayed ahead of Fraser even though she broke the 33 C2B twice until the round of 21 Thrusters. Fraser overtook her in the round of 21 C2B PullUps, where Toomey again broke twice. She never recovered from that. While her cycle time (average time for each rep) decreased, Fraser made up ground from round to round. This becomes clearly visible right now: Toomeys raw split for 33-27 was 3:38, while it took Fraser 3:41 to complete the first two rounds. However Toomeys C2B-Fran after that took her 3:59, while Fraser only needed 3:02.

As a coach, a few things to preach never get boring:

  • Consistency is key!
  • Know your sets!
  • Stay disciplined!
  • Plan your rests and keep them short!

-> Fraser executed just this, while Toomey seemed to lose track in her round of 21 PullUps.

Your takeaway

From here it’s your turn. If a set of 6 C2B PullUps is a big set for you: Go with single reps and give the eccentric phase of the movement a miss, as lowering costs energy, too. If you never did Fran unbroken: Plan even smaller sets than for Fran on Thrusters AND Pullups. This will keep you in the game, as 20 minutes are a crazy long duration. Go for too big sets and you will hit a wall. While part one of 19.4 was “balls to the wall” and the Lunges ad StepUps in 19.3 had to be done quickly, 19.5 is all about patience and discipline.

A few more recommendations to think about depending on your Fran time:

It’s is sub 2:30 – Break your sets one until the round of 15. Girls might have to break the PullUps twice.

It’s between 2:30 and 4:00 – Consider to break the rounds of 33 and 27 twice, maybe three times and go for smaller sets on the C2B as you first thought of. Than try to pick up the pace as you made it through the round of 21.

Fran takes you longer than 4:00 – Break the round of 33 three to five times to keep your cool for the remainder of the workout. Same goes for the round of 27. Fran will feel different with 60 reps of both movements now. As I said above: Plan small sets to prevent burning out and hitting a wall!

Fatigue will kick in quickly. As in 19.1, the strength-endurance of your quads means a lot for this one. Especially, as you need your shoulders even more for the PullUps. Having to press up the bar on each rep will kill your PullUps immediately.

The same comparison is the mental gauntlet of this one: Stay composed and serenely and you will succeed.

You better not f*** up and need a re-do of this one! ❤️


Start with the mobility work you need, but hold that down to 15-20 minutes. Focus on shoulders and hips, maybe ankles – as needed.

Then get your blood flowing and sweat a little.

EMOM for 5′

  • 5″ Row Sprint
  • 15″ Row @70%
  • 40″ Row easy

Now prep your Thrusters and PullUps.

  • 8-12 Scapula PushUps
  • 8-12 Scapula Dips
  • 8-12 Scapula PullUps
  • 8-12 empty bar StrictPress
  • 8-12 empty bar FrontSquat
  • 8-12 empty bar Thruster
  • 4-8 Strict PullUp
  • 8-12 light Thruster
  • 8-12 Box Butterfly Chest to Bar
  • 8-12 Butterfly PullUp
  • 8-12 Workout load Thruster
  • 8-12 Chest to Bar PullUp

Rest at least 7 minutes to the start. I know that you are a race horse. I know, that you wanna start rightaway. The point is: Tho you might “feel” ready, there are some recovery processes running inside your skeletal musculature, that basically give a shit about “how you feel”. Give yourself some time to recover all the way. This is not the time to ask stuff, but to trust. Rest adequately and then move directly into the pain cave… Does somebody remember that dark place, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet used to talk about? 😉 Time to go there again.

Dig deeeeeeeep. ❤️