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What I Think

Did you really think, that 20.3 involved the last heavy barbell? Here we go: Heavy C&Js. There hasn’t been such Barbell-focussed open since the introduction of the DB in 2017. 2017 also was the season with the last really heavy full oly lift – Snatches in 17.3. The last heavy C&Js in the Open were in 2015, when you had to find a 1RM after the workout. Let’s say: “It’s been a while” & man, am I happy to still stick to a rigorous weightlifting routine, because this will be the real game changer in this one. Oh, and of course there are some pistols and boxjumps, but those are just fillings to put in between C&Js. Somebody propably thought, that 180 boxjumps in total would’ve really been too much, so let’s just throw in some pistols. As the barbells will be loaded significantly lighter for the ladies, the world is propably going to see the fastest time of around 13 minutes on the womens side while the men will end up somewhere later in the 13th minute.

Limiting factors

Display of strength in the C&J
You’ll need a 1RM of at least 150 / 100, of you want to finish that ladder
Quad fatigue
will hold you back from making the lifts on the really heavy barbell
Mobility / Stability
ankles, knees & hips need to ready for this one

Analyzing this one really quick

Get the boxjumps out of the way. Rebounds will be quicker than stepdowns, you just gotta know IN ADVANCE, if you can handly them. Then play it smart on the first two loads. 95/65 should be cycled on two sets, 135/85 maybe in three sets, but I’d recommend to already stick to singles, if you don’t have the need to buy time for the later rounds. Going too crazy in the first C&J will burn you out for the heavier loads. For the pistols: it’s pretty much the same like for the boxjumps: Get them out of the way in the most controlled manner. One thing to make your life easier: Plan this one with your judge and make sure to get no reps, where they have to be called, especially on the normal, yet underrated and unknown to most, alternating single leg squats.


Your prep need to start with a lot of suppleness:

1000 m easy Row

Then 20-30′ Mobility
let those ankles, knees, hips, t-spine and shoulders get ready. pay a lot of attention to your lower limbs to get through those pistols.
Time to get the machine started and sweat a little:

4 Runden

  • 250 m Row
    5 hard pulls, then go at a moderate pace
  • 8-12 BoxJump @ 24 / 20″
    start with a slow pace in round 1, then go harder in the later rounds.
  • 8-12 reps of a Pistol progression
    Examples: 1. Hold the bottom of an airsquat and switch between pistol bottom positions. 2. slow & controlled Pistol negatives, but then use both legs to stand up. 3. box stepups. Go from light to more demanding variations, as the rounds progress.

Now ramp up the barbell.

10-12′ C&J warmup
Ramp the weight up to the 2nd to last load you are going to approach in the workout.

Now rest for at least 5 minutes, and then give it all you got.