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What the …

I am an honest guy. I have been planning the Open in a professional manner since 2016 and especially in 2018 and 2019 I was quickly able to “see” the structure and the strategy for new task given.

But 20.5 was the biggest “WTF”-moment since the beginning of the Open. When I sit down to turn my notes into the strategy and straighten my thoughts into this text, I usually could already watch videos of the first strategy-guides that are uploaded. I guess, that there are more guys than I sitting in front of this pile of shit, trying to figure out, how this could look like in the most efficient way.

Having recovered from a few seconds of “open mouth” and a pretty empty gaze, a few details unveiled in my head.

Key Factors

Use them to breath. Do not take to many of them, but use them and keep Rings, MedBall and Rower in a tight triangle.
Ring Muscle Ups
Get a big chunk of them out of the way in the beginning and then stay safe with your sets.
WallBalls and Row
Work, go for big sets on the WallBalls if you can, but make sure to prevent from burning out, especially if those MU in not favoring you. Same for the row: Get it out of the way, but there’s definitely no need to gas out.


When Willy Georges finished in 11:27 earlier today, it was in the middle of the night for him and he had not really much time to come up with a perfect strategy, but he did exactly what I would have recommended in the beginning: Go for a big set of MU.

Pat Vellner went for the following split and finished in 11:15.
13 Ring Muscle Ups
41 WallBallShots
12 Ring Muscle Ups
26 WallBallShots
60″ Row
9 Ring Muscle Ups
60″ Row
6 Ring Muscle Ups
60″ Row
25 WallBallShots
80″ Row
28 WallBallShots
25″ Row

Plan your pacing according to your max-effort-sets of WallBalls and Ring Muscle Ups. Let’s say you are able to do Karen unbroken and are able to do 20 Ring Muscle Ups unbroken if you’re fresh.

15-17 Ring Muscle Ups (23-25 to go) (80% of ME Ring Muscle Ups)
40-50 WallBallShots (70-80 to go)
25-30 cal Row (50-55 to go)
10-12 Ring Muscle Ups (11-15 to go)
25-35 WallBallShots (35-55 to go)
25-30 cal Row (20-25 to go)
11-15 Ring Muscle Ups (done, of you have some left, do them after your WallBalls)
25-35 WallBall (done, or a small number left)
20-25 cal Row (done)

Or another approach:

Get the Ring Muscle Ups out of the way as quickly as possible. Go for 3 sets of Ring Muscle Ups (17-14-9) and row 20 cal in between these sets. You’ll have 2-3 sets of WallBalls left with one or two chunks of the row. This will propably be the fastest, but an also pretty brutal way to get a crazy fast time for this one.

To break this down into the basics:
If 40 MU are no problem:
You are able to finish. Give a shit about the tiebreak.
40 MU are hard to achieve: Every rep counts and will mean a huge jump on the Leaderboard. Prevent from ruining your MU on the Rower and WallBalls, but use it to recover. Maybe 10 rounds of 2-4 MU and 12 WallBalls and 8 cal Row are an option to finish this one?

You have RingMU, but 40 reps in the scenario will be too much to accomplish, yet. Plan your MU-attempts, be aware, that they might be “gone” at some point of the workout. This is the time to go “balls to the wall” on WallBalls and the Row. Prior to that: Stay calm and do whatever you can on the Rings and get WallBalls and calories on the rower done in big sets, but do not wear you down, so that you can bang out some MU every now and then. 😉


As this one is all about the Ring Muscle Ups:
Take your time to prep your shoulders. Floss your forearms and maybe your quads for the lactic-acid-party afterwards!

1000 m easy Row
EMOM for 6′

Minute 1
50″ Row @ 80-90% by feeling
Minute 2
30-45″ WallBall Shots @ 12 / 9 kg
This overload is meant to get you ready. I promise: You’ll enjoy the Wallballs with the real weight afterwards.

Now prep your Ring Muscle Ups. Then rest for at least 5-10 minutes and then give it all you got for the 10th and last Open-Workout this year! <3